Our holiday gift guide is here! November 7, 2017 09:00

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It's that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us. We're so excited to share with you some of our favorites this year. Some of our favorites are professional gifts for business-builders, and some are personal. Among them you will find treasures for your own gift-giving!


1. The Golden Girls Clue Board Game

Oh.My.Goodness. Carrie absolutely LOVES Clue, and she falls asleep every night watching the Golden Girls. This board game is the best of both worlds. Seriously, who doesn't need a little more Sophia in their life? Hours and hours of fun and laughter with your family are the bonus with this gift. Click here for details.


2. I'm Listening art

Our all-time favorite television show is Frasier. We watch it on Netflix over and over, and we never stop laughing. This art showcases his signature phrase, "I'm listening." It also contains numerous quotes from various episodes of the show. If you love Frasier like we do, this one's for you! Click here for details.


3. Hamilton Beach coffeemaker

If you've been around us for more than five seconds, you know we love coffee. Carrie's family has a Finnish background, and coffee's a big deal to them. Our favorite brand of coffeemaker is Hamilton Beach. We've plowed through our share of coffeemakers, and Hamilton Beach lasts the longest. This one is a 12-cupper (which is a necessity at our house!), has a clock, and is programmable. Christmas is a great time to give the gift of caffeine, and it's also a great gift for yourself! Click here for details.


4. Bacon socks

You're missing out if you don't have a pair of bacon socks. On the bottom these say, "If you can read this, bring me some bacon." They are covered with bacon on the top and up the sides. Perfect for fellow bacon lovers! Click here for details.


Blue snowball microphone

5. Blue Snowball microphone

If you're using Zoom or recording podcasts, you know you need a high quality microphone. The Blue Snowball is our favorite. It provides crystal clear sound without a super high price tag. This one comes with the necessary pop filter and a set of headphones, too. Click here for details.


socialite clip-on mini ring light

6. The Socialite clip-on mini ring light

Anyone who takes selfies for business or who goes Live on Facebook needs good lighting. This clip-on mini ring light provides great lighting, is inexpensive, and is small enough to transport easily. It clips right on your phone for pictures, videos, and Facebook Live! Click here for details.


The Happy Hustle

7. The Happy Hustle book

The Happy Hustle, by Julie Ball, is a fantastic gift for the female entrepreneurs in your life. It's full of anecdotes from women who are building businesses, and it's sure to bring on the happy in anyone's hustle! Full disclosure: Carrie has a couple parts in this book! Get a copy for a friend and one for yourself. Click here for details.


8. Laila perfume

This is Carrie's favorite perfume, and it's the scent of Norway. It has a lightly floral scent, and is crisp and clean. When we went to Epcot this summer, we were BLOWN AWAY that we had the opportunity to meet the perfume's creator, Geir Ness! The whole family got to talk to him and hear all about Norway! How awesome is that?! Click here for details.


Purple seat cushion

9. Purple seat cushion

This is Ryan's saving grace! Because of all the long hours he spends sitting... driving and at his desk, this cushion saves him from hip and back pain. Anyone who sits for extended periods of time needs this cushion! Click here for details.


Vintage Meet Modern

10. Vintage Meet Modern sparkle earrings (and more!)

There is nothing prettier than sparkles during the holidays! Vintage Meet Modern has endless possibilities for your gift-giving pleasure! Carrie has several pieces from Vintage Meet Modern, and loves them all. Click here to see several options.



11. USB Charger with multiple choice

Ryan is a gadget guy. This multiple choice charger is a fave! It plugs into a USB port and charges multiple devices. How cool is that?! Click here for details.


12. Talking is What I'm Best At shirt

Anyone who loves talking as much as we do needs this shirt. It's funny, it's cute, and it provides opportunity to start even more conversations! Click here for details.


Those are our favorites for the year. Happy shopping! If you'd like recommendations for other gifts, please feel free to send us an email at info@ryancarriesharpe.com. We're happy to help!