Our ultimate holiday gift guide is here! November 21, 2016 17:25

Ultimate holiday gift guide

It's time to choose the best gifts for all the important people on your list.

We want to help, so we're listing a few of our favorite things to help your friends and family develop better communication and stronger relationships in the upcoming year. Happy Shopping!

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Douwe Egberts
You know we love our nightly coffee hour! That's how we keep our marriage strong!

Douwe Egberts is our favorite brand of coffee to brew. We like it hot (iced coffee is GROSS!), and we drink it black.

We have a cabinet full of coffee mugs that each represent a place we've visited or an event we've attended, too.

Order yourself a couple bags of Douwe Egberts, and join your spouse and friends for a coffee break. You'll be glad you did!

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Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, by Mark Gungor
Mark Gungor's Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is our absolute favorite DVD set to recommend to married couples.

Mark is hilarious, and his marriage advice is absolutely top-notch!

This is a great gift for any married couple, whether they are newly married or have been together for decades!

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ClueClue is our favorite family board game. We think your family will love it, too!

There is nothing better than a board game for some good old family time. You'll laugh, communicate, and strategize together while making memories that last a lifetime!

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Personality Plus
Personality Plus, by Florence Littauer, is the most useful book we've ever read. It revolutionized our marriage!

It taught us to understand our personality differences and to really learn how to utilize each other's strengths and not be so annoyed by our differences.

This book also helped us relate to our children better. You'll have a blast reading this book and seeing your family members in it!

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Bing Crosby Christmas musicPlay classic Christmas music while your family wraps gifts or bakes cookies together.

Bing Crosby is our favorite for Christmas music! His voice is recognized by everyone and is the perfect compliment to your family function!

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