We Need Communities January 3, 2017 11:40

We Need Communities

We can't do life alone. We need input from others in both our professional and personal lives. We need other people's expertise and experience. We need to learn from their mistakes and successes. Brainstorming with others and getting their perspective is invaluable.

That's why we've created two new communities for 2017!

The first is for business owners and other professionals who would like to incorporate public speaking into their visibility strategies. If you're interested in Facebook Live, video, on-stage events, teaching, or webinars, this group is for you. Whether you're new to public speaking or you're a seasoned pro, we'd love for you to join. Sharing experience and learning from each other is what this group is about, with the overall goal of helping each other connect effectively with our audiences. Click here to join our Communicate to Connect community.

The second group is for wives who want to communicate effectively with their husbands. It's a supportive and encouraging group to learn from others and share resources and experience. Marriage is a journey, and becoming a great wife can be hard work. You don't have to do it alone. Wife Chat is the perfect place to meet other wives on this marriage journey and learn from each other. (Editor's note: The Wife Chat community was archived in 2018.)

 We hope that you'll join one or both of these new groups. We're so excited to engage with you in this more personal and productive way!


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