Sharpe Speakers Mastermind & Coaching

$ 597.00

You can give powerful business presentations with confidence. Every time. Yes, YOU.

No more reading your speeches off of PowerPoint slides. Seriously, friends, no more death by PowerPoint. If you're relying solely on slides for your presentations at work, you're putting your audiences to sleep.

No more distracting filler words or verbal ruts. When you give speeches frequently, fillers like "um" and "so" creep in and need to be identified and stomped out. Bad habits need to be transformed.

No more sleepless anxiety-ridden nights before speeches, wondering if you've prepared enough. Tossing and turning isn't the optimal way to spend those final few hours before your presentation. And white-knuckling the podium is just embarrassing.

No more wondering if your speeches are making an impact. Second-guessing yourself is a real-life nightmare. So is giving speeches that are only mediocre or fall flat entirely. You don't want your audience to dread your next presentation or scroll Facebook the entire time you're talking.

It doesn't have to be that way.

You can be a confident speaker in front of every audience, whether you're speaking to hundreds of people or just a few coworkers around a conference table.

If you give frequent speeches or presentations as part of your job or business, this program is for you. You're already speaking throughout the year, so now it's time to hone your speaking skills, develop confidence in front of your audiences, and deliver powerful speeches that make an impact every single time. 

I'm offering two 3-month programs during 2019 to help you become the confident speaker you want to be. Sign up for whichever one fits your schedule best, or sign up for both (for a total of 6 months!) and save! Program 1 takes place April-May-June, and Program 2 takes place July-August-September.

Each 3-month program includes:

  • Monthly 90-minute group Zoom calls consisting of specialized speaker training you won't find anywhere else, opportunities to discuss your specific needs and receive personalized coaching from me, accountability to ensure you achieve your goals, strategy to move you forward, and ongoing encouragement from your biggest cheerleader (me!)  
  • Membership in a Facebook group exclusively for this program where you can ask questions directly and have them answered quickly, receive feedback on the presentations and speeches you're working on currently, practice your presentations via Facebook Live (if you so choose), and discuss up-to-the-minute speaking topics and issues with others in the program who speak frequently for work or business
  • Free access to my Outline Your Speech in 60 Minutes course to help you outline every single one of your speeches like a pro!

During the program, you'll learn new skills, hone existing skills, develop confidence, and become a successful speaker who delivers powerful speeches every time!

Let's make 2019 the year you command the room. Enroll in the Sharpe Speakers Mastermind & Coaching program today!

Program details: The first round of this program takes place April-May-June. The second round takes place July-August-September. Zoom calls take place the first Thursday of each month at 2:00pm EST and 7:00pm EST (choose whichever time works best for your schedule) except for the week of July 4. That week's call will take place on Tuesday instead (July 2). 

Notes: If you have questions about this program, please email me at Please use a valid email at checkout so I can send you the program details via email a couple days before our start date. Registration closes one week before the program begins, or when all available spots are filled. Space in this program is VERY limited, so DO NOT WAIT TO SIGN UP. Refunds are not available.

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