Curtain Call

It was an honor to meet you in person and get to know you better at the conference!

Here is a curtain call of all the offers we discussed (and a few extras, so read everything carefully!):

1. Purchase Make Money with Online Workshops to learn exactly how to plan, set up, and execute a successful workshop online. The special deal for the Lakeside Conference has expired, but this course is still a great offer at only $147! Click here to get it.

2. Get your FREE Online Workshop Essentials Checklist by clicking here

3. To join our FREE Facebook community where we chat about all things public speaking and communication, click here. It's a great place for us to stay connected and learn more from each other. Throughout March, we're talking all about networking and building real business relationships. See you there!

4. I've created several courses and programs to help you master everything from Facebook Live to public speaking skills to virtual coffee chats to outlining your speech. Click here to see them all!

5. If you'd like 1:1 coaching with me to develop your speech, create a Facebook Live strategy, or prepare for an upcoming podcast interview, click here to check out all the ways we can work together!