Build Your Business with Virtual Coffee Chats

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Before 2009, most of my business was done in-person, face to face. I gave speeches on stages. I coached clients across from me at a table. There was a lot of travel involved, and I was limited by geography and time.

It all came to a head when our twins were born in 2009. After they arrived, I knew I couldn't continue to travel so often. I was homeschooling our three older children, and now we had two newborns in the house as well. I had no time to travel, and meeting a client was out of the question because I spent most of my time in sweatpants, caring for our children. Something had to change, so my husband and I brought our off-line business online.

Virtual Coffee Chats are one tool I have used to build our business online. I get to know people through my computer, while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. I don't have to leave my house, and I can wear pajama pants instead of dressing up. Through these Virtual Coffee Chats, I develop real lasting connections, friendships, collaborations, and client relationships. I could not have grown my business so quickly without implementing this simple and fun tool.

You can, too.

I'll share the exact steps I follow to grow my business with Virtual Coffee Chats. It's the simplest and least expensive way to build a business I've ever seen!

Through the “Build Your Business with Virtual Coffee Chats” course, you will learn:

  • Why you need coffee chats (hint: to make REAL connections)
  • How to invite people to a coffee chat (without being a spammer or link-dropper)
  • Strategies for finding potential clients or collaborations with other business owners
  • All things logistical: how to set up coffee chats, the flow of conversation, and how to follow-up
  • For INTROVERTS: tips to help you feel comfortable and relaxed (especially if the idea of coffee chats totally scares the heck out of you!)
  • Most of all, you will learn that YOU CAN implement Virtual Coffee Chats into your business!

Through PDFs and videos, this course will teach you everything you need for growing your business using Virtual Coffee Chats. To help you develop a strategy for implementing coffee chats, you can add a 30-minute Strategy Session with me to this course. We’ll work together 1:1 to create a personalized plan unique to you and your business.

The course becomes available on November 1st. Pre-order before November 1st, and you'll receive my Let's Go Live Mini-Course FREE! That's a $97 value!


Notes: This course is available beginning November 1, 2017. On November 1st, you'll receive an email with instructions for accessing the course. Bonus mini-course is only available to those who purchase before November 1st. Please email with any questions. Refunds are not available on strategy sessions or digital courses.

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