Make Your Marriage with Ryan & Carrie

$ 497.00

Marriage takes work. Take the time you need to focus on your marriage, with encouragement from Ryan and Carrie. We'll work right along side you as you Make Your Marriage.

In this coaching package, we'll go through our Make Your Marriage: Work to Build the Relationship You Want e-book together. We'll personally guide you through the steps to building the marriage you want. You'll receive the e-book for FREE (a $17 value!) with your purchase of this coaching package.

This package consists of 5 video coaching calls with us (30-minutes per call), through which we will accomplish the following together:

Call 1: Get to know you and your goals.

During this call, we will chat to get to know each other. We'll work together to determine your overall marriage goals, and we'll talk about how to achieve them through this coaching package.

Call 2: Design your marriage.

This call will involve working together to develop the blueprint for your marriage. We'll discuss what you want from your marriage and help you plan it.

Call 3: Gather the tools for the job.

During this call, we'll talk about which areas of your marriage you'd like to focus on and improve. We'll then discuss marriage and family resources that are available to help you achieve your goals.

Call 4: Delegate the tasks.

We'll help you delegate your household chores during this call. You'll create a personalized family chore list or chart that you can implement immediately to reduce chaos in your home.

Call 5: Use some elbow grease.

During our final call, we'll revisit your overall marriage goals and help you determine your next action steps. We'll talk about what work you'll need to do going forward in order to achieve your goals.

Additional benefits:

Throughout this process, you'll have unlimited email access to us to ask us questions and to follow up on what we discuss in our calls. This access, along with our coaching calls, provides you with unlimited information, encouragement, direction, and resources to help you build your marriage!


The fine print: This is a coaching package and is not marriage counseling. The included e-book is a digital product and will be available to you for download after purchase. No physical products will be shipped to you. Coaching calls are via Zoom. Calls should be scheduled approximately a week apart, and the entire package must be completed within 90 days of purchase. The package expires and calls will not be scheduled after 90 days. Email access to us ends after 90 days. There are no refunds for digital products or coaching packages. Please email us at if you have any questions.

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