Meet, Meat, Mingle, & Wine

$ 27.00

Get ready for the ultimate connecting and collaborating event for business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs in northern Michigan hosted by Carrie and Ryan Sharpe!

Ryan Sharpe | Carrie Sharpe

Join us LIVE and IN PERSON for an event like no other!

Everyone always says the best part of a business event is getting to meet people in real life and making connections that last a lifetime. So for this event, we're cutting out all the other stuff and putting the focus squarely on connecting and collaborating! You'll get to meet in person the folks you've seen around town, online, or from afar!

And there will be meat

And mingling.

And wine.

See what we did there??!

Meet, Meat, Mingle, & Wine.

That's exactly what we're doing!

We're spending a couple hours hanging out, getting to know each other, and facilitating brainstorming and discussions to move our businesses forward. You'll get to know others on a deeper level. You'll learn what they do. You'll discover new ways you can collaborate with each other. You'll laugh your head off, taste new wines, share stories over delicious food, and help each other get to the next level in business.

Details for the next one are coming soon!

MMMW is amazing, but don't just take our word for it... Check out what these previous guests have to say:

"MMMW was an amazing way to gather in a small group setting and get to know so many awesome business owners-- on a business level, but also on a personal level. It is the PERFECT way to connect and collaborate!" -Candie Conat

"I was extremely nervous to attend MMMW, as it was my first networking event and I wasn’t 100% sure how a product based business owner would fit in with everyone else. Carrie assured me that every business owner could benefit from the event and she was not wrong! Not only did I leave the event feeling energized and more confident in my business, but I also made amazing connections. It’s definitely possible to cultivate relationships online, but there is something about meeting people face to face that instantly bonds you. They did a wonderful job organizing the event so that everyone felt welcomed and comfortable networking with people they did not previously know. They also facilitated collaboration discussions between businesses that aren’t an obvious match. My business will expand in the coming months and I can directly correlate that growth to the relationships made and strategies learned at this event. MMMW is a MUST ATTEND in my book." -Jillian Pettit

"MMMW was my first networking/collaboration event so I didn't know what to expect. I am in network marketing and wasn't sure I would even be able to get anything out of it or if it applied to me. I should also mention that meeting new people face to face is a challenge for me. I hide behind a camera and a computer for most of my business (and why I love what I do) - face to face contact with most people is quite uncomfortable for me. But they made meeting people so fun and easy!! - the moment I arrived! - from our casual coffee chats to the actual event - ease and comfort! My very favorite part was the scavenger hunt to get to know everyone and then learning that you can collaborate with anyone! Coming up with ways to collaborate was made so fun and easy! Everyone walked away with something, including adorable practical prizes, trainings, and the knowledge to create new business and collaborations of our own!" -Mara Graff

Space is limited. Reserve your seat TODAY! Registration absolutely ends as soon as available seats are filled! 


Notes: Refunds are not available for any reason for this event but registration is transferrable for a limited time with our approval. If you have any questions about this policy or this event, please email Carrie at Interested in sponsorship opportunities for this event? Click here for details.