Presentation Review

$ 297.00

If you're giving a speech or hosting a webinar, you need to practice it several times to make it a success. Practice, followed by feedback and adjustment, is the only way to iron out the kinks like mumbling, saying "um" and other fillers too much, speaking too fast or slow, going off on tangents, or not being clear. Carrie's feedback will help you give the most powerful presentation possible. Whether it's your first presentation or your 50th, don't leave it to chance!

Send Carrie a link to your recorded practice speech or webinar, and she'll review it. She will then give you feedback including specific tips to speak better, ways to improve your slides/props, ideas for handouts you can offer your attendees, ways to connect more with your audience, and an overall impact assessment. You'll gain the confidence you need to succeed!

This purchase includes the review of one recorded speech or webinar and a 30-minute call with Carrie to discuss her feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please provide a valid email address at purchase so we can send instructions for submitting your recording and scheduling your feedback call. Email us at with any questions.

Carrie has decades of experience speaking publicly and hosting webinars and other live events. She also earned a certificate from Dale Carnegie Training for completing their How to Present Online course. She is a Communication Consultant and Speaker with a degree in Political Science and Psychology. Click here to read her full bio.


Notes: There is an additional cost if your recording is longer than 70 minutes. In that case, we charge the base fee of $197 plus we'll send a separate invoice for $2/minute for each minute over 70 minutes. Please email us at if you have any questions.

If you need more extensive assistance with the entire public speaking process from start to finish, please purchase our Public Speaking Development package.

You must submit your recording within 30 days of purchase. Due to the nature of this Presentation Review package, we do not issue refunds for any reason.

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