Public Speaking Development Package

$ 597.00

If you have an upcoming presentation, speech, or webinar, this package is for you!

If you have ever even considered speaking from stage, but aren't sure where to begin, this package is for you!

If you're a seasoned speaker but are ready to update your current speech and fine-tune your presentation skills, this package is for you, too!

I will coach you through the entire process and offer helpful feedback as you create and finalize your presentation. This is a start-to-finish package. Don't leave it to chance-- I will help you make your presentation clear, well-worded, and powerful. I will help you connect with your audience, be engaging on stage, and make the impact you want with this coaching package. You'll gain public speaking skills and confidence at the same time!

This package includes four 30-minute calls via Zoom (ideally one per week for four weeks) to work through the entire process of defining your audience and topic, outline creation, delivery and stage presence, presentation review, and fine-tuning your message so it makes a powerful impact! You'll also have e-mail access to me throughout the entire process to get additional feedback and answers to your questions.

    Carrie Sharpe

    [Click my photo to read my full bio]

    Notes: This package is ideally completed within one month (one call per week), but all portions of this package must be completed no later than two months after purchase date. Please provide a valid email address and phone number during purchase so we can schedule your sessions and communicate with you. Email us at if you have any questions about this package. Due to the nature of this feedback package, we do not issue refunds for any reason. 

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