Connecting with your audience takes work. 

From crafting a speech to showing up on social media to preparing for an interview (and more!), you’re left with the overwhelming task of showcasing your message in the best light possible. But where do you learn how to do that when you’re busy running your business, surpassing your sales goals, or even running for a political office?

Your time is best spent on your talents— but you still have a message to craft and share.

We get it. We’re busy professionals who run a business, produce a podcast, homeschool our children, and take on all that life throws at us day by day. And we hear time and time again from our clients that they just don’t know where to start, what to say, or how to share the right message.

You see, communicating with your audience doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the confidence, skills, time, and strategy laid out for success.

Not sure if you have all those lined up (at the exact same time)? Don’t worry.

You do what you do best. Let us take care of the rest for you.

Ryan Sharpe | Carrie Sharpe

Hi! We're Ryan and Carrie Sharpe.

With over 25 years of speaking experience, we know exactly what goes into presenting your best self on stage— or in sales, politics, or business, for that matter. We work with our clients to grow an audience, establish their expertise, and present themselves exactly as their audience needs them to be.

We understand that authority doesn’t simply come from behind a podium. Sure, we love working on speech preparation and presentation, but as communication consultants, we understand that messages are spread through different forms of media, such as local news segments, political debates, networking events, social media communications, and more. Because of this, we take an integrated and customized approach to all of our projects so we can help busy professionals — like you — with the precise needs they have. 

We aren’t here to turn you into professional speakers with one keynote speech (though we can help you with that too!). We’re here to give you the peace of mind to know that you’ll be perfectly positioned for sharing your message wherever you need it and whenever you need to.

Curious how we got here?

Public speaking, for us, started when we were young adults. As a teen, Carrie began speaking publicly as she entered pageants. She loved meeting new people and listening to their stories. Ryan, on the other hand, entered the public spotlight as a Junior-A and NCAA Division I hockey player, and won the hearts of his fans with his ability to connect with them on a personal level. We met and followed our love of communicating to earn degrees in political science, psychology, criminal justice, and loss prevention. 

After our son, Maverick, almost died at birth, we were asked to travel and speak publicly about our experience, and this led to the birth of our business, He says, She says, as many professionals began to ask us to coach them to become better speakers themselves. Since then, we’ve continued to further our education by attaining multiple certifications from Dale Carnegie and the Disney Institute. In the past 15+ years of working together to run our coaching and consultancy business, we’ve learned that serious professionals and politicians are looking to partner with people with the ability to act like their personal Communications Directors.

That's us.

Meet Carrie.

Carrie Sharpe


If you were going to sit down today to get to know Carrie Sharpe, you can bet there will be coffee and bacon there! Carrie is the outgoing and direct arm of He says, She says. Her specialities include ideating and organizing talking points, public speaking, and networking, but what makes her most proud is when she witnesses her clients begin to gain confidence and connect with their audiences.

Fun fact: When choosing which law school to apply to, Carrie moved her newlywed husband to Memphis, TN for several years before deciding instead to be a work-at-home mom. Wondering why she chose that particular law school? John Grisham wrote about it in his novels!

Meet Ryan.

Ryan Sharpe


In college, Ryan Sharpe was known as “The Mayor,” earning that nickname because he took his time talking to each fan and signing autographs for children even if that meant he was the last one out of the rink after a game. That nickname still holds value today, as he places an emphasis on relationships in everything he does, which is why he’s skilled in helping clients learn how to close deals and build relationships.

Fun fact: Ryan grew up in Canada and first came to the United States in 1993 to play hockey for Lake Superior State University. It was there he won an NCAA Division I Championship. Before that, he won the Centennial Cup playing Junior-A hockey.

Here’s what people have said about working with us:


"Ryan Sharpe is the master of building real relationships that lead to sales. He teaches actual skills instead of uncomfortable tactics. I'm closing more deals than ever before after learning from him."

-John L., Sales Consultant


"Carrie Sharpe helped me hone my message for my first professional speech. She is a master communicator with the ability to break down complex concepts into manageable and digestible chunks. Working with her has definitely added revenue to my business bottom line. I am so grateful for her. Anyone would be privileged to work with her. If you are teachable and coachable and follow her instructions, you will also be singing her praises."

-Damita M., Marketing Strategist


"Ryan Sharpe exhibits a high level of character and integrity. He is a servant leader, willing to serve his clients in all capacities. Ryan knows his purpose and pursues it with passion. His clients are high-caliber leaders who carry a high level of influence with a multitude of leaders across the country."

-Stacey D., General Manager


"Carrie Sharpe served as Communications Director for my campaign for Michigan’s House of Representatives. Carrie was instrumental in my campaign’s success due to her keen ability to strategize messaging that connects with audiences. Because of her extensive experience as a communication consultant, and her education in political science and psychology, she has an unmatched knack for crafting social media posts, talking points, and speeches that speak to voters and inspire them to action. That kind of connection with voters is vital to campaign success, and Carrie is a master of it!"

-State Representative Ken Borton


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