Speaking Society with Ryan & Carrie Sharpe

Have you ever wished you had someone to reach out to when you had a question about sales, networking, giving a speech, or a communication issue in your office?

When you’re a member of the Speaking Society with Ryan & Carrie Sharpe, YOU DO… for less than the amount our family spends on bacon each month!

We hear you. You’re someone who has big goals and big dreams for your business or career. You know that speaking skills and relationship-building (the authentic kind— NOT the fake garbage some coaches are peddling these days) will help you get there, but you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to hire a communication coach or attend some conference that may not even teach you what you need to know right now.

You want to learn the right skills, connect with the right people, and have a blast doing it. Am I right?

If so, you’re invited to join the Speaking Society with Ryan & Carrie Sharpe.

Speaking Society with Ryan & Carrie Sharpe

We are the hosts of the Speaking with Ryan & Carrie Sharpe podcast, and we know communication. We’ve spoken on stages to thousands of people in audiences across the United States and Canada, coached hundreds of clients to overcome communication challenges and gain amazing confidence, and we’ve successfully been married for twenty-two years and raised five children (which, by the way, has probably honed our communication skills more than anything else previously mentioned!). Ryan has also been a part of two national championship teams in hockey, and he has been a wildly successful sales engineer for over twenty years. Carrie has also helped political candidates prepare for debates, coached CEOs to deliver life-changing speeches, homeschooled five children, and been quoted in nationally-recognized publications. We also absolutely love bacon, and we talk about it all the time.

But you probably already know all that, or you wouldn’t be here considering becoming a member of our online community.

And it isn’t about us anyway. It’s about YOU.

You have goals you want to achieve. You have challenges you want to overcome, and you have skills you want to hone.

And you want to do all that in a no-pressure, fun environment (all online!) that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

When you join the Speaking Society with Ryan & Carrie Sharpe, you'll have all of that!

Here's what's included:

  • Membership in an exclusive online community where you can connect, ask communication-related questions, and get answers fast
  • Community themes and prompts based on recent podcast topics to take a deep dive into important communication issues, learn more, implement what you learn, and have accountability when you need it
  • Monthly LIVE trainings (which are really chats, because we aren’t all formal and boring like that) with Ryan & Carrie to learn more about recent podcast topics while having a casual conversation
  • Communication recommendations and resources you won’t find anywhere else (seriously— the goodness we’re sharing is just for you!)
  • Opportunities to attend the private members-only Speaking Lounge (online office hours) and Speaking Practice Lab with Ryan and/or Carrie at a ridiculously low additional cost, and
  • FUN! FUN! FUN! because we think it’s easiest to learn and grow when you’re having a good time (and because we aren’t stuffy people)! 

    Ready to become a part of our speaking community? Join now, and we’ll see you in the Speaking Society!

    Join the Speaking Society with Ryan & Carrie Sharpe