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Selling with Stories

Selling with Stories

Everyone says to use stories in your marketing. Stories sell.

Stories are necessary because they help us connect with our audiences. Stories make us relatable, and stories are memorable. In fact, Tenfold tell us that "people retain 65 to 70 percent of information shared through stories while only 5 to 10 percent of information is retained through dry presentation of data and statistics."

But not everyone has a huge, life-altering story to share, and not everyone feels comfortable being completely open and vulnerable in their marketing.

Thankfully, you can use stories your way. You don't have to share more than you're comfortable with, you don't have to share your deepest darkest secrets, and you don't need a huge tale to tell.

Your mistakes are stories.

Overcoming challenges are stories.

Things you've learned are stories.

Funny things you've seen are stories.

How you got started is a story.

Your favorite events and conferences are stories.

Anything really can be a story. 

Stories can be long. Stories can be short. Stories can even be pictures or video. 

If you aren't sure where to begin, create a folder on your computer's desktop and label it "story library." Then start adding to it. As you think of stories from your past, and as new things happen to you, write them down and add them to your story library. The story library will be available for you whenever you need a story for a speech, social media post, email newsletter, or podcast episode.

For one example of excellent storytelling in marketing, check out this video from Josh Cellars Wine: 

Your stories don't need to be perfect, elaborate, or earth-shattering. They just need to be authentic and genuine to you. Start telling them today.


Click here to listen in as we discuss utilizing stories in sales. For resources on how to tell stories and how to infuse your stories in your marketing, click here to join the Speaking Society. Your first month of membership is free.

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