Build People Up with Your Words

Build People Up with Your Words

This world has more than enough critics.

What we need more of is cheerleaders.

You only need to scroll through your Facebook newsfeed for a few minutes to see the lowest of the low when it comes to negativity, bullying, and outright nastiness. 

Words matter.

Words are powerful enough to build people up or tear people down. Words can diffuse a bad situation or flame its fire. 

Words are powerful.

Most of the time there is no good reason to speak negatively, criticize, or complain. In fact, if we did the opposite we may actually improve the situation.

Let's choose to use our words positively.

Let's build people up with what we say.

Be an encourager. Focus on the good. Point out positive attributes. Dish out grace lavishly.

Be someone's cheerleader. Be someone's biggest fan. 

Be the light in the darkness.

Choose your words carefully, and use them to make a real difference.

You have that power.

Build People Up with Your Words