Some Things Just Don't Matter

Some Things Just Don't Matter

All it takes is a death in the family (or a bad medical diagnosis, or some other crisis) to remind us that some things matter, and some things don't. 

What doesn't matter is differing opinions. Preferences. Unachieved expectations. Unrealistic standards. What doesn't matter is all the little things we fuss over on any given day.

It doesn't matter what kind of car we drive. It doesn't matter whether we have the brand-name labels for our kids to wear to school. It doesn't matter which way the toilet paper goes on the roll, or whether a spouse leaves clothes on the floor. It doesn't matter if your to-do list is finished. It doesn't matter if everyone agrees about what kind of TV show is acceptable or what movie you let your kids watch. It doesn't matter if you have one pair of shoes, no shoes, or a million designer shoes.

It doesn't matter if your sister had a bad day and said something rude. It doesn't matter if your parents drive you crazy. It doesn't matter if your brother handles a situation differently than you would. It doesn't matter if your friend visits as often as you think he should. It doesn't matter if your coworker has annoying habits at the office or doesn't call you back as quickly as you'd like.

It doesn't matter whether you think leggings aren't pants. Or are.

It doesn't matter if you like this year's candidates. Or not.

It doesn't matter if you love the music at church. Or can't stand it.

Some things just don't matter.

What matters is our relationships. What matters is whether those we love know how much we love them. Are we on good terms? Have we resolved conflict? Have we said the things that need to be said? Have we opened our hearts and met the needs of others?

Do we appreciate each other? 

Did we make a real effort?

Do we accept responsibility?

Have we forgiven each other?

It's amazing how much we celebrate someone after they die. Obituaries are full of praise! We focus on someone's good points and minimize their flaws. We remember their positive contributions. Imagine if we did those things with the people we love while they're still alive? Forgive, focus on the good, speak positively.

Life is short, and some things matter... like your marriage, your relationships with your children and family, and your friendships.

Make your relationships right.



Appreciate each other, forgive each other, and dish out grace in huge portions while you can.

If you have a less-than-stellar relationship with someone, make it right TODAY. Tomorrow is not promised, and at the end of it all, some things matter and some things don't. Move past the things that don't.

Say what needs to be said.

Right the wrongs.

We only get one chance at this life. Focus on what matters.