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9 Ways to Become the Event Planner's Favorite Speaker

9 Ways to Become the Event Planner's Favorite Speaker

You've been selected to speak at a conference. Congratulations! You're wondering how to make sure everything goes smoothly for both you and the planner of the event. Follow these tips to make sure the event planner loves you and wants to hire you to speak again in the future.

1. First and foremost, check your ego at the door. The event is not about you, dear speaker. The event is about the audience. You are there to serve the audience, not to bask in the glow of the spotlight. 

2. Make no demands. Be humble. This is not the time to demand bottled spring water and only green Skittles in the speaker lounge. The event planner does not have time to deal with these requests, and making such requests will make you appear like a diva.

3. Know your audience. Check out the event's website and Facebook group. Get to know the people who will be in attendance. Interact with them before the event. This will help you tailor your presentation to cover exactly what this audience needs. It will also help you make it personal for them as you can add in anecdotes you've picked up from them, avoid particular topics, and mention people in attendance by name. The old saying goes, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Make sure the audience knows you ahead of time. Show them you care enough to make that happen.

4. Promote the event. If the event is public, promote it to your own audience. Utilize social media, email, and word of mouth. That's a win-win for both you and the planner of the event.

5. Arrive early, and stay late. Be generous with your time. Mingle with audience members. Do some networking. Be part of the group. Don't hide out in the speaker lounge or in your hotel room. Your success depends a lot on the relationships you build before and after your speech.

6. Start and end on time. Respect the event's itinerary. Do not run long on your speech. 

7. When in doubt, check with the event planner. Do not assume anything. Find out what to wear, where to sit, how many handouts to print, taboo topics to avoid, how much you're allowed to promote your services, and every other detail from the event planner. Don't bombard her with a million emails, but get your questions answered. That way you will be prepared.

8. Be prepared. Prep and practice that speech a million times. Be so familiar with it that you could present it in your sleep. Utilize a Communication Consultant to ensure your success. Your audience deserves your best, so prepare more than you think you need to. Have handouts, slides, clothing, and electronic devices prepped and ready, too.

9. Follow up. Keep in contact with the event planner. Send a thank-you note. Also send messages to attendees you connected with. Keep the conversations going. Every speaking engagement can yield you customers, clients, and referrals for years to come. It's also important in follow-up to always be positive. Never bad-mouth an event.

It's vital that you are a productive team member who contributes to the event's success. Being professional, helpful, and courteous will put you head and shoulders above speakers who create drama, put the focus on themselves, or arrive unprepared. You'll be the event planner's favorite speaker, and you'll secure your spot on her speaker roster time after time.


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Speaker Spotlight: Damita McGhee

Speaker Spotlight: Damita McGhee

Our Speaker Spotlight series puts the focus on speakers in our community. Iron sharpens iron, and we can all learn from the experiences of others. We asked questions and our speakers answered them. These answers come from Damita McGhee.

Who do you most like to speak to? Tell us about your ideal audience.

I love speaking to women who are ready to begin their entrepreneurial journey from their home office. It’s fun when they are full of excitement and trepidation.

It’s something so inspirational about the woman who balances her business and her household. 

What are your favorite topics to talk about or teach?

1. Expanding your vision
2. Balancing building a brand, business and babies
3 Trusting your gut
4. The Sweet Spot-Where your passion and purpose intersect

What sets you apart from other speakers? What do your audiences love about you?

I am so relatable and honest. I realize a lot of people have passion. However, talking from a passionate position is an integral part of my speaking style. 

I want women to feel better after they have left my presence than they did before we met. It’s imperative to me that I inspire women to be the best version of themselves possible. 

What does your dream speaking engagement look like? Describe it here.

A room (whether 5, 50, 500 or 5000) full of women who are ready to take their businesses to the next level. They understand that personal development is part of the growth process and they invest in themselves. They are ready to live outside of their comfort zones. 

The room is full of positive, passionate women ready to walk in their full potential. 

Bloopers happen to everyone. Tell us about one that happened to you. How did you handle it?

Yes they do. 

The most recent was just last week. I have a weekly online TV show. Unfortunately, I just could not get Facebook Live to work for me. My guest was waiting to join but I just couldn’t navigate my phone properly. And this was after I tried and Zoom webinar. Ultimately, my guest had to go Live and invite me on. 

How do you control your nerves during a speaking engagement?

Just breathe through it. I take the focus off of me and think about the people in the audience who need the message. In my mind, God connected us for a reason. 

What's the best advice you've ever gotten regarding public speaking?

Carrie told me something very powerful. I can’t remember it exactly but it had to do with progress over perfection. 

What do you hope to accomplish with your speaking in the next 10 years?

I pray I impact millions of women across the world. We share something universal. We love our families and have a God given purpose. It is my sincere desire to help women connect the two. 

God designed each of us to accomplish what we alone are meant to contribute to this world. It is our destiny. I will help women realize that. 

Damita McGhee

Damita McGhee is a wife and mother of 3. After working in the corporate world 20 years, she became an Online Entrepreneur, Marketing/Brand Strategist and Motivational Speaker. 

Her personal mission is to help women understand we can have it a all. We can be sensational spouses, magnificent moms and powerful, profitable business owners with the right tools and resources. 

She teaches start up mompreneurs how to create a strong online brand and build profitable marketing/sales funnels. She has a passion for helping solo-mompreneurs get their businesses up and running.

She is a highly sought after motivational speaker and trainer. Her passion and sincere desire to see other women win is the driving force that has shaped her into the thriving entrepreneur she is today. It took 16 years to find her passion and purpose and now she is committed to helping other women do the same. 

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