Speaker Spotlight: Sarah Humes

Speaker Spotlight: Sarah Humes

Our Speaker Spotlight series puts the focus on speakers in our community. Iron sharpens iron, and we can all learn from the experiences of others. We asked questions and our speakers answered them. These answers come from Sarah Humes.

Who do you most like to speak to? Tell us about your ideal audience.

I will talk to anyone who will listen! But, truly, I have a heart for Moms! I love inspiring the mom who just needs to hear that they can make it through another day! If that mom has been feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or uninspired, even better! I want a chance to change that!

What are your favorite topics to talk about or teach?

I often reach my audiences at first by talking about decluttering. I thinking getting rid of excess things is incredibly brave, and a huge mindset shift. But, my speaking is so much more than that. I love to speak about anything relational, since I am such a people person! I think hospitality, parenting, marriage, friendships, core values and conflict resolution are some of the bravest things I talk about! And, I love sharing how God has redeemed a very scared and broken woman and transformed her into a brave, inspirational and bold business owner!

What sets you apart from other speakers? What do your audiences love about you?

I am funny and conversational. I deal with a lot of heavy issues in my speaking. Talking about feeling trapped in my home with agoraphobia, losing my sister(s) to death, and being chronically depressed and filled with anxiety is not easy. But---God through it all-- some how gave me this amazing sense of humor. I feel that has been a great tool in recovery, and it's an amazing tool in connecting to my audience. I actually had a couple brief stints in stand up comedy early on. But, I knew that, even though I loved being funny, I wanted my speaking to have a deeper message, too.

What does your dream speaking engagement look like? Describe it here.

I love imagining speaking to a room of 1000+ people. I can envision making them laugh and they are all having to hold their sides. Yet, my message is so powerful that they will remember key points for years after. That is the kind of speaker I dream to be.

Bloopers happen to everyone. Tell us about one that happened to you. How did you handle it?

Not too long ago, I was hired at a local library. It is the tiniest library you have ever seen! (Imagine a tiny house...It's the size of one of those, maybe even smaller! There is not even a bathroom there!) It is in a very rural location. In the middle of my speech (to 8 people!) I suddenly hear a very loud duck quacking. I jumped, and began searching for the duck. I quickly learned that the "duck" was actually the librarian's ringtone, but she had to leave her phone on for her children. The kids then proceeded to text her about 10 more times that night. It proved to be quite comical, and I began to ask the duck to comment on many of my points that evening. Humor is always my friend!

How do you control your nerves during a speaking engagement?

I remind myself that my message is much more important than how nervous I feel.

What's the best advice you've ever gotten regarding public speaking?

To be authentic, have fun, and make a point to interact with my audience.

What do you hope to accomplish with your speaking in the next 10 years?

To speak at the Boss Mom Retreat, to be interviewed on the Today Show, to make enough money to buy a safer house for my family (our house is lovely, but old and has a wet basement) and to inspire people not just locally, but nationally and globally too! I have big dreams, but I am a go-getter! I have already overcome so much, so what is a few more obstacles? 

Sarah Humes

My name is Sarah Rose Humes. For years I have struggled with overcoming anxiety and fear. And, I believed lies about myself. Somewhere along the line, I was fed the line I was weak because I was afraid. The truth-- I was strong because I fought back. Every single day, I used the word of God, prayer, encouragement from friend and family, and personal grit to fight against the (huge) list of things that scared me.

In-Courage Living was born out of the desire to share my experiences with others to help them realize they they too are strong. So many times we let fear hold us back from living our best life. I want everyone to live AMAZING days! I have found that the more I embrace my struggle as a blessing to grow, the richer my life has become.

Over the past 5 years, I have taught small audiences and groups many different life skills to deal with life's little problems. Now, as I branch out, I would like to include you and your group! I specialize in overcoming fear, intentional parenthood, de-cluttering, and using the Bible as a practical everyday tool for living. I have even taught small sessions on meal prepping and goal planning.

Connect with Sarah:

Website: https://www.sarahrosehumes.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/incourageliving

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/InCourageLiving

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/humessarah


Speaker Spotlight: Sarah Humes