Networking Resources

Hello, Gaylord friends!

Thank you for participating in the Connecting Women luncheon. Networking is vital to your success in any career, so kudos for taking the first step by attending the luncheon! On this page you'll find resources to help your networking be as effective, productive, and painless(!) as possible. 

Don't forget: Set a goal TODAY for your networking over the next six months. 

Perhaps your goal will be to meet up, or have a virtual coffee chat, with one person per month. After six months, you will have gotten to know SIX people better! Imagine the possibilities! 

It really is easy and painless. Simply contact people you met at the luncheon. Use the worksheet you received there. Set up a time for a 15-30 minute chat. Decide what format you'll use (Zoom, regular phone call, meetup at a local establishment, etc.), and choose a day and time. 

The rules are simple:

1. Stick to the designated time. Decide before the meeting how long you have to talk, and stay in that timeframe.

2. Don't sell anything. It's okay to talk about what you do and who you serve, but this is not the time to verbally spam the other person.

3. Get to know each other! Utilize the coffee chat roadmap below for help. Keep it fun, uplifting, and encouraging. Respect each other's differences.

4. Stay in touch! If it makes sense, keep in contact. You might even want to set reminders on your calendar or phone.

5. Continue the relationship. This may be in the form of friendship, referrals, or collaborations. Maybe you'll send an article you think the other person would like. Maybe you'll follow each other on social media. Do whatever seems right with each person.

Need help? Click here to download a Virtual Coffee Chat Roadmap. Listen to helpful podcast episodes about networking by clicking here and here. Read networking articles here, here, and here.

**Don't skip over those resources!** 


I'd love to have a coffee chat with you! Whether we're long-time friends or haven't-yet-met friends, let's chat! Click here to schedule a coffee chat with me. 

If I can help you with public speaking, messaging, political communication, podcast interviews, or any other communication topic, please reach out by sending an email to I look forward to hearing from you!